Located in the Talkeetna Mountains in Alaska, the Swiftsure house is an exclusive lifestyle cabin built in 2016. The Swiftsure House – designed by the world-renowned glacier pilot Don Lee, features one of the most remote residences in the world. Sitting at 7500 ft, with 360 degree views of the Talkeetna Mountain range with exclusive bush plane access, we offer a perspective that invokes just about anyones interest. Built as a multi-disciplinary space, we invite you to simply  experience the beauty that surrounds you. Whether you come for retreat, work or play we love to host a variety of collaborations that entice the most adventurous creatives out there. Detach from the modern world, connect to nature, create a photoshoot, record an album, write a book, cook alpine recipes or hey, even celebrate love on in the serene solitude of the mountains. Whatever you dream up we're here to make your experience unforgettable. 





Leighan Falley, a Talkeetna-based glacier pilot lands on the Swiftsure Glacier for Parajumpers special feature! We love working with lifestyle brands and production teams that share the love of adventure. 

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The Swiftsure House is more than a shelter – it's a story, and any good story comes with characters to make it come alive. When we built the Swiftsure House,
we dreamed of all the people who would come together to create, and share
because of one common love, finding rare chances to experience nature.




Talkeetna Mountains

The Swiftsure house sits on a wide rock outcropping. Ripe expanse doesn't just surround you, it envelopes you. It makes you feel small. 360 degree views of mountains and glaciers paints a scene with such clarity, texture, grace and bliss. North runs the lowlands, East rises gigantic Mt Wrangall at at 13,804ft, while the southern front lies the tectonic divide of the jurrassic and crustaceous rocks and the West sits Mt Sovereign at 8,849ft.  The range stretches 100 miles north to south and is home to the large mammals including, grizz, brown and black bears, moose, wolves, wolverines, and dall sheep. You'd be Lucky to see them in their wild habitat but don't worry its unlikely to see them high up on the glacier. 

Bush Plane Access 

Custom transportation * Safe Access 

The only way to get to the Swiftsure glacier house is the true alaskan way, bush plane drop off. Our custom service provides you with safe top of the line experienced bush pilots that will make sure your transportation is the beginning of an unforgettable experience from start to finish. A short 35 minute flight from our base in Talkeetna Alaska and you'll be transported into a dream land of snowy peaks and your own private glacier. One ski plane can carry 900lb. Multiple drop offs of gear can easily be arranged. Please remember flight service is weather dependent, and allow for additional weather days.  


Leave no trace: Environmental impact awareness & safety.

We love our mountains and we love you

So we keep them clean and safe. Everything we pack in we pack out. All trash and human waste are flown out in a safe and clean process. We will set  you up with mountain loos, and ample resources to be prepared to live on the mountain without harming it. Safety protocol for variant weather and glacier travel technique will be advised to ensure the safety of everyone involved on location.



Small but we pack a punch  

The Swiftsure house is 12x16 with electricity and power outlets running off a generator. A wood burning stove and space heaters to keep you toasty warm and a propane stove cooker to make all your cozy mountain meals is provided. A cooler outside is for all perishables. The house has large glass windows letting in the sun as it rises on the Southeast face warming you up the natural way, solar energy! Take in the crisp mountain air and watch the Auroa Boralis dance over a blanket of stars or cozy up with a hot tea and gaze through our built in sky roof above your bed :) 

Ask about our  glacier private chef! 






The most exclusive cabin with the most down to earth dwellers. 

Below is where we start our adventure, Talkeetna Alaska.